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Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.

Hey look! A Freddie Mercury (and sort of Noel Fielding) post!

I had a dream one night that Noel Fielding played Freddie Mercury in a movie about Queen and what began as a few hours' idle boredom before I had to go to work turned into a multi-week long project that involved tons of research and filtering through hundreds of pictures. The result is decidedly nowhere near as epic or hilarious as Kermit Bale, but please to enjoy nontheless.

I dunno, I don't think anyone else could actually pull it off, were they to ever actually make a Queen biopic.


Bonus! Freddie (and a few Queen) Facts: (Now how much would you pay?)

-Born September 5th, 1946 in Zanzibar; birth name Farrokh Bulsara. (ફ્રારુક બુલ્સારા‌) Ethnicity: Parsi Indian.

-At age 8, sailed by himself to nearby India to attend a boarding school in order to futher his education. What a little badass.

-At school, wavered in fields such as math and science, though he excelled at art, music, & sports. His very first band, The Hectics, were often booked for school functions such as dances.

-He designed the Queen logo. It combines the zodiac signs for all four members of the band: two lions for Leo (Bassist John Deacon and drummer Roger Taylor), a crab for Cancer (Guitarist Brian May), and two fairies for Virgo (Mercury). {Virgo twinsies!}

- Cirolana mercuryi is a crustacean named after Freddie.
-A species of yellow rose, aptly called the Freddie Mercury Rose, was also named in his honor. Incidentally, his favorite color was yellow and favorite flower the rose.

-Mercury's bands before Queen: The Hectics, Ibex, Sour Milk Sea, and Smile.

-Had a staggering four-octave range. His natural speaking voice was a baritone, while his singing voice usually settled around the tenor range (and was able of reaching falsetto).

-In 1975, Queen performed for a crowd of over 200,000 at Hyde Park. Freddie wore his iconic black-and-white harlequin jumpsuit and totally brought the house down. After Queen had left the stage, the crowd remained and demanded an encore. The band, however, was under strict order from the local police for no encores. Though Freddie was adamant about pleasing his audience, the cops told him they’d throw him in jail if he returned to the stage. Considering how he was dressed, Freddie thought it best to stay out of jail and changed his mind.

-Queen has sold over 300 million albums, and spent more time on the British charts than The Beatles.

-The band released 14 albums over a span of 22 years, the first being the self-titled Queen in 1973, with the last being Made in Heaven in 1995, released 4 years after the death of Freddie Mercury.

-During a rehearsal session, Brian May became annoyed and fed up with Freddie’s antics, and out of frustration called him quite a few colorful phrases. When Freddie stormed off-stage and remained there for a concerning amount of time, May enticed him back by apologizing and playfully calling him "Freddie-poo." Aww.

-In 2005, Channel 4 ranked Queen's performance at Live Aid in 1985 as the best live act in history.

-To date, Queen has never won a Grammy. Rodger Taylor joked about this during his speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, remarking that “this [induction into The Hall] means more to us than all of the Grammys we never won.”

-Freddie was an avid philatelic, or stamp collector. His collection now occasionally tours the world as an exibit, courtesy of Mercury's estate.

-Noel Fielding purportedly owns a coat that once belonged to Freddie and wore it in an episode of The Mighty Boosh, but despite days of research, I couldn't find out which one it was, nor find a picture of Freddie wearing it. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

-Upon his death, he left most of his possessions, fortune and future royalties to his former long-time love, Mary Austin. He also described her as his only true friend.

"All my lovers asked me why they couldn't replace Mary [Austin], but
it's simply impossible. The only friend I've got is Mary and I don't want
anybody else. To me, she was my common-law wife.
[...] I could never fall in love with a man the same way as I have with Mary."


Freddie was the godfather of Mary's eldest son Richard. Austin still resides in the house left to her by Mercury. He also dated Austrian actress Barbara Valentin in the early-to-mid 80's.

Freddie and Mary

-In 2001, Queen was officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Freddie's mother was called onstage to accept his award and was met with a standing ovation. John Deacon was not present at the ceremony for unspecified reasons. (Though according to Brian May, both Deacon and Mercury "apologize for their absence and send their love." Aww.)

-Despite his extremely high-energy, flamboyant stage presence, Freddie was actually very quiet and reserved in real life.

-Though David Bowie’s duet with Freddie on the song Under Pressure sparked many plans for Bowie to tour with Queen and perform the song live, for various reasons he never did until the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992.

-A musical called We Will Rock You based on the music of Queen was released in 2002 and has toured over 15 countries with new showings in new locations being produced every year.

-Freddie wrote Crazy Little Thing Called Love while in the bathtub.

-His trademark use of a bottomless microphone stand came about from a sheer accident. One day during a show, he grabbed the standing microphone & it dislodged from its base. Freddie decided he liked it this way, and kept the look ever since.

Also useful in duels against Immortals.

-The final line of the song One Vision both live and recorded is “fried chicken.” After struggling to come up with lyrics, Freddie was inspired by his dinner and thought it would be funny to include it in the song.

-In the 80’s when Freddie stopped painting his nails and adopted his now-iconic short hair and mustache look, Queen’s offices became flooded with razors and bottles of nail polish from fans.

-Official cause of death: Pure epic power simply overwhelmed his body and he ascended to a higher plane of existence. Bronchial Pneumonia resulting from a complication of AIDS.

-Freddie loved cats and is rumored to have up to 10 at one point in time.

-Though known for his rather large overbite, Freddie never wanted to have his teeth surgically altered out of fear that it would alter his singing voice. In addition to the overbite, he had polyps on his vocal cords that he refused to have removed. Interestingly, he was also a heavy smoker.

-The world media remained suspicious but technically unaware that he had AIDS. Freddie released a statement confirming his illness less than 24 hours before he succumbed to the virus at age 45. For you see, it was a simpler time; where a man could wear leather S&M gear on stage while bull-whipping another man and still be considered absolutely into girls. (quoth Cracked.)

-When it came time to record The Show Must Go On, Freddie was gravely ill. When asked by Brian May if he was up to the task of singing it, Freddie smiled, slammed down a shot of vodka, and proudly proclaimed, “I’ll fucking do it, darling!” He recorded it perfectly in one take.

-The last song ever recorded by Freddie was Mother Love. The last verse is sung by May because Freddie wasn't around to finish it in time. :(

-While on tour, Freddie would call his house and have whoever was watching it put his cats on the phone so he could talk to them. (DON’T ACT LIKE YOU’VE NEVER DONE IT.)


Happy 64th, darling! You are missed!

1 tbsp. Queen Zone
3/4 cup NoelFielding.Org
A dash of Google
As well as bits from my own brain.
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