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Hi-res "Deathly Hallows" pictures from Empire; more "Deathly Hallows" screening spoilers!

High-resolution scans of the pictures featured in Empire magazine's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows preview issue have been released. Images iclude Harry staring at himself in Sirius' shattered mirror, the trio on the horcrux hunt and many more:

In addition, a slightly-new promotional image of Harry, Ron, and Hermione entering number 12, Grimmauld Place in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I was released in Cinereplicas' latest catalogue. There is also a high-resolution shot of Ron and Hermione sitting on a cot in the tent, previously released by a Brazilian photo book.

Pottercast 224 - contains spoilers

Finally, the latest episode of The Leaky Cauldron's long-running Pottercast has been released, revealing even more Deathly Hallows Part 1 spoilers:

Highlights for those who are too lazy to listen:

Edward from Pottercast went to an advanced screening of Deathly Hallows part 1:

Hedwig dies a heroic death as she gets AK'd in place of Harry - death eaters ascend on the 7 Potters like bats. Death Eaters jump up on them and they fight and battle. Near the end of that battle Hedwig flies back to protect Harry; to help Harry fight. The Death Eaters are able to identify the real Harry since Hedwig is flying alongside him. They try and AK Harry, but it hits Hedwig instead.
Harry/Ron fight sequence "impressive."
The last shot of the film is the lightning bolt going up into the air (after Voldermort has claimed the elder wand.)
Moody dies off-screen.
Film opens up with the big, rusty WB logo. We see a montage of Harry, Ron and Hermione in their homes before they set out on their quest. Hermione's montage opens with her in her room. She goes downstairs to where her parents are sitting drinking tea. Very nice, clean, contemporary, homey-house. You see her torn. She slowly raises her wand and points it at them and she does the obliviate spell. Their eyes go blank. In one of the most emotionally charged moments, as she casts the spell, Hermione is seen disappearing from photos on their mantelpiece (fades from picture of herself and her Father standing near Big Ben etc.)
Majority of spell-work in this film is wordless.
Dobby is re-introduced at Grimmauld Place. At Grimmauld Place Kreacher is sent off to find Mundungus and comes across Dobby whilst on his travels. He brings him back. Dobby's first scene will endear him to the audience again; Kreacher will not be endeared like in the book.
Great acting performance from Emma Watson during the torture scene. Bella has her on the floor at Malfoy Manor, pinning her down. Their faces are millimeters apart. She's asking questions and Hermione's screaming and shrieking and crying. Hermione says that she doesn't know how the sword was changed. You see Bella stretch out her arm and put her wand there. There's a shot a few minutes later of Hermione laying there after Bella jumps off her. After Dobby comes back they have their own exchange where you can see "Mudblood" in bloody letters on her arm. Her shrieks and screams are "powerful."
You see Ron, Mrs Weasley and Ginny standing outside the fully re-constructed Burrow during Ron's montage. No explanation is given with regard to how it was re-built.
Harry watches the Dursleys packing up their car during his montage. There is a small amount of dialogue between the Dursleys, but they only appear briefly.
Horcrux/Hallows are explained through flashbacks and memory links between Harry and Voldermort. We see flashes of clips from previous films as well as auditory reminders which help us understand the backstory. We see Voldermort's hunt for the Elder wand and his interaction with Gregorovitch.
We don't see the Wedding at the Burrow - we only see the reception. Harry is not polyjuiced. Luna and her Dad are there.
Xenophilius introduces Harry to the symbol of the Hallows - he leans closely into Harry and the symbol (which is a necklace) bumps up against his nose (homoerotic, much?)
There are no scenes from Ron's journey after he leaves Harry and Hermione. He is gone for almost 20 minutes. 
The entire Silver Doe sequence is "probably" the best in the film. Similar to the smoke
monster from "Lost." Smoke-Voldermort unleashes thousands of spiders upon Ron - they surround him.  Porcelain Harry/Hermione emerge from the tornado. They engage in a very sexual and sensual kiss in front of Ron to "taunt" him. They are both topless. When they kiss it's from the side, you can tell they're topless, but you can't see anatomy. The "real" Harry is standing behind the horcrux shouting that it isn't true.
Dan is in his boxers a lot in this film - in the seven Potters scene when the others are changing and
when he strips down to dive into the pond to retrieve the sword. Ron pulls him out of the pond and he's dripping wet in his boxers.
This movie is the most "adult" of the Potter films we've seen so far.

Hurry up November 19! ~Shaking and crying~

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