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one classeh ladeh...

Speaking of people who cant wait to even FILE for divorce before theyre engaged again and plan babies....

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Tori Spelling was all aglow when she stepped out publicly for the first time with her new fianc´ actor Dean McDermott. "It's our first event since we got engaged, so we wanted to step out and show it off," she told us about her new diamond and sapphire engagement ring at a recent Volkswagen party at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. "I've been saying 'my fiancé' for the first time tonight to people – it's crazy!"

Though the couple – who got engaged in Toronto on Christmas Eve – haven't set a wedding date, Spelling (who's separated from her husband of a year, actor-writer Charlie Shanian) already has kids on her mind. "Babies are next," she says. "We definitely want a family." Until then, she'll have plenty of practice: McDermott has 5-month-old daughter Lola and a 7-year-old Jack with estranged wife Mary Jo Eustace.

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