Yikes! Argentinian press is not happy with Kristen Stewart

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I've been reading entertainment sites in Spanish and almost every single Argentinian newspaper and entertainment site is tearing my BB Kristen a new one. they're not happy with the way she behaved in Argentina when filming On The Road, by ignoring the media and the fans completely. here's a collection of angry articles (bolding is not necessary, they're all short versions of what I found, must read all):

Generaccion: "Kristen stewart appeared angry and evasive with the paparazzi in Argentina, asserting her annoying personality everytime a camera got near her."

Clarin: "Kristen stewart has a fobia of her own fans. On her last day in Argentina she did everything she could to avoid hundreds of teenagers waiting for her at the airport. With an escort of 6 body guards, no less, she avoided completely her crying fans."

Rafaela.com: "Kristen stewart lived up to her reputation and acted evasive with the press. she covered her face with a hoodie and her hand to avoid the flashes at the Buenos Aires airport."

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BB you need to change your ways. these fans are the only ones that take you seriously. a little wave wasn't too much to ask.