Lea Michele's Rude, Diva Behavior at the Govenors Ball

Any guesses as to which hottie pulled the diva card?

Lea Michele, who no doubt was one of the best dressed of the night, held court at her table with cast members like Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch, however the babe who lost out to Edie Falco couldn't be bothered to mingle with a few eager fans.

"She was making out with her boyfriend the entire night," says an onlooker a few tables down. "There were a lot of security people there for the event, obviously, but she was one of the few who had her own personal bodyguard."

A couple of people claiming to know Ms. Michele attempted to approach the babe when the scrawny guard stopped them, then tapped Lea to double check.

Our eyes on the scene spill: "Lea came up for air, goes 'No, I do not know them,' and went back to making out with her boyfriend."

The fans, or whoever they were, were not allowed near her.

Guess the birthday girl will celebrate how she wants to!