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Courtney Love: New NME article on 2nd solo album & new photos

New NME article about Courtney's upcoming 2nd solo album:
Courtney Love gets UK stars on new album

Courtney Love is currently writing the follow up to 2004's 'America's Sweetheart' and NME.COM can exclusively reveal several indie stars have joined her in the process.

The singer wrote eight songs on her own before leaving court ordered rehab at the end of November.

Since that time she has written with ex-Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, but NME.COM has learned several indie musicians have stopped by the studio to hear her new material and play with her including guitarist Anthony Rossomando from ex-Libertine Carl Barat's new band Dirty Pretty Things and Ben Gordon, guitarist and keyboardist for Liverpool's The Dead 60s.

Gordon, who met Love through friends told NME.COM her new material is really beginning to shine.

"I had an amazing time," he said of an afternoon he joined her on guitar. "I think she's got some really good ideas. The songs sound fresh. Some of it has a [Bob] Dylan quality to it. It's quite raw and more personal."

According to the guitarist one of the Love's standout tracks is 'Sunset Marquis' - a cut which takes its name from the legendary hotel in Los Angeles where rock stars including the Kings of Leon and Iggy Pop regularly stay.

"It has a really good story in [the lyrics]" Gordon said. "It sounds like a classic Courtney Love song and feels like it could be a big hit."

Rossamundo met Love while Corgan was in town at the end of November recording with Dirty Pretty Things.

Brought down to Los Angeles' The Village Studios by Alan McGee of Creation records, Rossomando jumped in when the two needed a chord change on power pop-cut 'For Once in Your Life'.

Other songs Love is currently refining include 'Wildfire', 'The Depths of My Despair', 'Never Go Hungry Again', 'Bedroom Walls', 'Sad But True', 'How Dirty Girls Get Clean' and the anti-cocaine rant 'Loser Dust'.

Love plans to continue work on her demos throughout the New Year with friends in Los Angeles including ex-Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell. She has already been approached by labels about her new material, after Virgin chose not to renew her contract last year.


New photos of Courtney out shopping 7 January 06:
Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting -

(And yes, she does have shoes on.)
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