20 Best TV Couples of All Time

From Lucy and Ricky to "Moonlighting's" David and Maddie, we've highlighted 20 TV couples who've had the sexiest, zaniest and most romantic chemistry to ever grace the small screen. Best TV Couples of All TImeMaddie Hayes and David Addison ("Moonlighting")

When ex-model Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) loses most of her money in a bad investment, all she has left is a rundown detective agency run by the irascible P.I. David Addison (Bruce Willis). He convinces her to come in as the new boss rather than sell it, and the two begin to work together. A match made in heaven — or hell, depending on how you look at it. Shepherd and Willis totally nail it.

come on baby lemme see what you're hiding underneathCollapse )

my top 3 are..
Buffy & Angel
Roseanne & Dan
Joey & Pacey

what's your favs ONTD?

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