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Cinematographer Wally Pister talks about shooting Inception, says Nolan like Michael Bay films

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As much of a genius as Christopher Nolan may be, it's fair to say that he wouldn't have the success he currently enjoys without the invaluable contributions of Wally Pfister. Pfister, a cinematographer who began his career with a series of straight-to-video (forget DVD) thrillers and other forgettable films, first collaborated with Nolan on Memento, and the two have worked together ever since. Pfister has since been nominated three times for Academy Awards, and their latest work is Inception, which is quite possibly the summer's most highly-anticipated film.

Cinematical was lucky enough to sit down with Pfister for an exclusive interview at the Dallas Film Festival this spring, where he was honored with their coveted Star Award. Gregarious and charming, Pfister discussed his ongoing collaboration with Nolan, examined his efforts to create a relationship between a film and its audience, and reflected on his own artistic and personal evolution throughout his career leading up to Inception.

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