Alicia Key's husband's ex wife is STILL talking

Mashonda Wants Swizzy & Co. To All Be One Big Happy Family

Despite the fact that Mashonda's divorce from Swizz Beatz was finalized in February and he has clearly moved on to a new life with A. Keys, Mashonda is back in the media talking about him again. Read more about what she has to say about ALL of his kids reuniting and getting to know each other.....

Now that the drama among Mashonda, Swizzy and Alicia Keys had died down, Mashonda has managed to make headlines again, talking about Swizzy and confirming the "unspoken" baby that everyone seems not to mention. Swizz Beatz has a total of three kids and one on the way and Mashonda hopes that they can all grow up together in unity. In a recent interview with Hip Hop Weekly mag, Mashonda says

“I hope that my son can have a relationship with his sister in Europe and I hope all the children involved will grow together in unity. That is very important to me.”

Alicia keys is currently pregnant with his child

His daughter


ONTD, do you think it's possible to be a "big happy family" when every kid has a different mother?