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The Ferrari wasn't a gift??

I didn't see this posted, even though it's from a few days ago ..

Kevin Federline has broken his silence about his reported split from wife Britney Spears, insisting rumours of the pop star kicking him out of their house are completely untrue.

The dancer told Los Angeles radio host Ryan Seacrest that everything is "wonderful" between the couple when he appeared on the presenter's daily show yesterday.

And when Seacrest asked him if he was kicked out of the Malibu, California home he shares with Spears, Federline replied: "No way," and later laughed when Seacrest asked: "What about the divorce reports?"

He also insisted that reports his Ferrari had been repossessed - when it was photographed being towed away from the home he shares with Spears - were nonsense; it was being taken into a local garage for repairs.

Federline also revealed the sportscar was not a gift from his wife, as reports have suggested, and he also laughed off reports that he and his wife were planning to have a second baby.

He revealed: "Nah, not right now. We're gonna wait."

But the dancer did admit that his wife probably wasn't listening to his first big radio interview, adding: "We've had a rough night with the baby, last night; she's probably catching some zs (sleep)."

If the car wasn't a gift, then who bought it? Certainly not K-Broke.
But, he does get points for realizing they shouldn't have another baby right now, or rather .. ever.
Source: http://breakingnews.iol.ie/entertainment/story.asp?j=194108550&p=y94yx9365
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