At Home with John Barrowman (And Scott)

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John Barrowman stretches out languidly on his huge sofa and yawns. “We really don’t have any celebrity friends, you know,” he smiles. “Well – apart from Taylor Lautner of course.” John motions to the strapping figure in the corner, where Taylor Lautner stands smiling – broodily silent. It seems that Taylor is a regular fixture chez Barrowman. It’s hardly surprising, as Torchwood star John, 43, and his architect partner Scott Gill, 46, have purloined their very own lifesize cut-out Jacob Black to worship in their living room.

As the interview progresses it seems that John is being rather modest in his assessment of his celebrity pal portfolio. Sprinkled throughout the interview are anecdotes about friends including Eva Longoria, Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft and Victoria Principal – a sort of Loose Women line-up, if Loose Women was made in Hollywood, for gay men!

From Live & Kicking to Torchwood via Any Dream Will Do, Dancing on Ice and Desperate Housewives, there’s not much that John Barrowman hasn’t turned his hands to.

Here John and Scott take us on a guided tour of their gorgeous Welsh mansion and talk about Joe McElderry’s gay revelations, flirting with Alex Reid and fostering children…

John, you’re a successful openly gay actor and singer. What did you make of Joe Elderry coming out?
Scott: If he came out as straight that would have been a headline!
John: Please note, he said that – not me! Listen, I knew when I was nine. Everybody’s different. It’s great that he feels confident enough and that his family is behind him so that he’s able to be honest. He should be proud and his fans and his friends should be proud of him.

How did you come out?
John: I was being interviewed and I mentioned Scott. The interviewer said, “You do realize you just came out.” I said: “Pur-lease. I’m in my late twenties. I’ve got three dogs that are better groomed than humans, I live with a man, I wear nice clothes and I’m in musical theatre. Did you really think I was trying to live a lie?”

What would your advice be to Joe?
John: Live your life honestly. You open up your wings and you fly, boy. And if you ever want someone to talk to, you have any issues or problems and you’re not sure how to deal with this, give me a call. I’ll be happy to help you.

Your house is gorgeous – how do you like living in Wales? And do you have Charlotte Church around for supper?
Scott: I love it.
John: We bought the house as an investment – and then we just fell in love with it and the area … We don’t really have celebrity friends. It’s not our scene. We come to Wales, I go to Costco, I shop at TK Maxx. I love it.

You have some amazing items in your home. Which has the most emotional resonance for you?
John: Apart from the dogs and the man sitting next to me? I love the sail boat, because Scott bought this for me. The two halves of the boat signify me and Scott. I’m the bit at the top of the sail boat, the bit that bounces over the water. And Scott’s the bottom of the boat, the part that keeps us afloat.

This is a home for a family. Are you feeling broody?
Scott furrows his brow.
John: [Laughs] Well he’s not!
Scott: Not particularly. I mean, I like the idea of fostering, maybe troubled teens or something.

That’s a good idea, tell a delinquent child to go and live with Captain Jack…
John: I think they would probably have to deal with Captain Scott first! That’s the other issue, I’m on the road all the time.
Scott: It would be pretty disruptive for a kid. And most of it would fall to me.

So do you have a perfect relationship?
Scott: Who does?
John: We argue, but I try not to go to bed angry. He can go to bed angry.

Do you ever throw plates?
Scott: Not plates. But I threw you against a fence once!
John: Yes, I do have a scar on my back from that. It was because I was flirting with some younger man. That was about 20 years ago, though. We can laugh at it now.

How do you stay grounded?
John: I’ve got my manager Gavin, I’ve got Scott, my mum and dad, my personal assistant and my dogs. That’s my entourage. I have people who tell me when I’m wrong. Look at Kerry Katona, she is back on track, but she needs someone like Scott. I hope she is dealing with her issues and not just getting better PR. She’s a beautiful girl. She has a lovely family and I hope she sorts herself out.

What about Katie Price?
John: I like Katie. I like her because she’s brassy. She knows what she is. She’s a product of her own creation. The only thing I don’t get with her is this whole thing of not wanting to be papped. You can’t create that kind of appetite for your life, sell everything and complain about having your photo taken. I love Alex Reid. They came to see me in La Cage Aux Folles and Katie came backstage and had her picture taken with everybody there. I think Alex is particularly sexy. He’s one of those guys who knows what he’s about, very flirtatious and doesn’t give a shit who he flirts with.

If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
John: I would go to the Scottish Rugby League team’s locker room and I would sit in there and watch them all.
Scott: I would be right there with you.
John: I told their PR person that I would support them as long as I get to go to the locker room and sit in the Jacuzzi with them!

Who has been the biggest diva you’ve worked with?
John: There are good divas like Eva Longoria, I love her. She’s a fiery Latina diva and she’s brilliant. Victoria Principal was another great diva. She’s a wonderful lady.
Scott: But she couldn’t move her neck because she’s had so much surgery!
John: [Laughs] I can’t believe you just said that! She’s wonderful.

You also have a home in Palm Springs…
John: Yes. When I was filming Desperate Housewives, I spent every weekend there. I love it! It’s our retirement town. My friend Barry Manilow – [laughs] now that’s showbiz – lives in Palm Springs and has invited us over to his complex. I’m looking forward to that.

We bet he has. Do you think Barbra Streisand will pop round?
John: Does Babs live there too? I will stand outside her house and sing to her. There is a lot of real classic Hollywood there. I know Lorna Luft, who’s a friend of mine, who is Liza Minnelli’s sister and Judy Garland’s daughter. It still chuffs me to say that I know Liza and Lorna. [Laughs] I’m a friend of Dorothy’s daughter! It’s fabulous!


Source. Transcribed by moi!