Angelina Jolie Will Not Play Marilyn Monroe ‎

Jolie was in London last night for the premiere of her new spy thriller Salt and told Sky News Online that the speculation is wide of the mark.

"It's really funny because I have just heard about this for the first time today," said Jolie. "It's news to me. I'm flattered I suppose."

Her latest action movie took $32m on its debut weekend in the United States and looks set to do well in Europe. Her character Evelyn Salt is a CIA operative accused of being a Russian 'sleeper' agent waiting to be activated - a plot that has echoes of what happened in the USA this summer.

"It was all very, very strange how close it was," said Jolie. "Somebody thought it was good marketing but hopefully it won't affect our relationship with Russia."

She added: "I did a lot of the stunts myself. I got a gash, a little scar right on the bridge of my nose but that was something very silly I did rolling into a table!"

Hollywood's appetite is strong for a hard-hitting female agent to compete with the likes of Jason Bourne and James Bond and all the indications are that Salt could be that character.

"I hope so," said Jolie. "It depends on the audiences. So far they like it. We leave it open at the end, so we will see how she goes."