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NBC interviews Kesha

(Note:I cut out the first half of the interview because it was just talking about things she said in interviews that have been posted)

In the same breath where she says she loves to throw dance parties, Sebert admits she didn’t have a lot of friends in high school. She was a member of the International Baccalaureate program in high school and was on the fast track to go to Barnard College to study comparative religion and psychology. She claimed a love for community service and math.

“I’m not very good at it,” she said. “But, I’ll sit in my bathrobe after a show and have my guitar player ask me math problems.”

Though her life now might be all about what’s hip and trendy, Sebert was once a proud member of her high school marching band. “Marching band kids are crazy,” she said defensively. “They throw down!” After dabbling a bit with the trumpet, she focused on the saxophone. “It was on the cheesy side, but I played it like it was going out of style,” she said. And, try as she might, she said there was no way to make those band uniforms sexy.

“I’m a lot of things that wouldn’t seem to go together,” Sebert said.

Sebert remains focused on her music career. Her goal is to have people put their ticket stubs from one of her concerts up on a wall and remember a great time, as she did when she was a kid. “It’s just about making hype and making it fun for a crowd,” she said.

Despite a busy music schedule, the singer is also attempting to get involved with sea turtle rescue following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, saying it’s time to stop blaming people and start helping the cause. She participated in the Gulf telethon in late June as well, a few weeks after headlining a show to help with Tennessee flood relief, raising almost $70,000.

“I see how much Angelina Jolie and Madonna have done and that is really inspiring just to see these strong beautiful women just helping other people,” Sebert said.

“She’s still the same awesome, carefree girl doing what she wants to do,” Motte, of 3OH3! said.

And when asked about the band, Sebert responded, “They’re hilarious, and they’re hot,” ... before adding, “They better say I’m hot too, or I’ll kick their ass.”


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