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Fran Drescher -- "Fran Fine"

After two years of symptoms and misdiagnosis by eight doctors, Drescher was admitted to Los Angeles's Cedars Sinai Hospital on June 21, 2000, after doctors diagnosed her with uterine cancer. She had to undergo an immediate radical hysterectomy to treat the disease. Since then, Drescher was given a clean bill of health and no post-operative treatment has been ordered. She wrote about her experiences in her second book, Cancer Schmancer.  Her purpose for this book was to raise consciousness for men and women "to become more aware of the early warning signs of cancer, and to empower themselves." Drescher says, "I was going to learn what I needed to learn, ask questions, become partner with my doctor instead of having some kind of parent/child relationship."

On June 21, 2007, the seventh anniversary of her operation, Drescher announced the national launch of the Cancer Schmancer Movement, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all women's cancers be diagnosed while in Stage 1, the most curable stage. She celebrated her tenth year of wellness on June 21, 2010.

Her goal is to live in a time when women's mortality rates drop as their healthcare improves and early cancer detection increases. More information can be found on her website at cancerschmancer.org.

Her efforts as an outspoken healthcare advocate in Washington DC helped get unanimous passage for H.R. 1245 (also known as Johanna's Law) and she is acknowledged in the Congressional Record.

In September 2008, Drescher, a Democrat, was appointed as a U.S. diplomat by the U.S. State Department. Her official title is Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women's Health Issues. By traveling throughout the world, she will support U.S. public diplomacy efforts, including working with health organizations and women's groups to raise awareness of women’s health issues, cancer awareness and detection, and patient empowerment and advocacy. Her first trip was in late September and included stops in Romania, Hungary, Kosovo and Poland.

In 2008, Drescher supported Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. She attended a Super Democrat rally for Clinton. Drescher claimed to have been considering a run for Congress in 2010 to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton, but Kirsten Gillibrand was appointed by New York State's Governor David Paterson to succeed Clinton after Clinton was confirmed as Secretary of State.

On April 10, 2010, she was guest of honor at the "Dancer against Cancer" charity ball held at the Imperial Palace, Vienna, Austria, where she received the first "MyAid Award" for her achievements in support of cancer prevention and rehabilitation.

Charles Shaughnessy -- "Maxwell Sheffield"

Shaughnessy also appeared in the Disney Channel 2002 made-for-TV movie Get a Clue. He was also seen in the Halloween 2000 made-for-TV movie Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire starring opposite Caroline Rhea (she guest-starred on The Nanny in 1998 as part of a cross-over with Hollywood Squares). That same year, Shaughnessy made two appearances on The WB's Sabrina (this show stars Rhea, Melissa Joan Hart, and Beth Broderick) playing two different characters. He played Alec Colson in the 8th-season episode "Covenant" of Stargate SG-1. He also voiced Dr Quintaine in the PC game Freelancer.

He has recently appeared on an episode of NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and is also the voice of Dennis the Goldfish on the Disney Channel cartoon series Stanley. On May 11, 2002, Shaughnessy won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program for his portrayal of Dennis the Goldfish on Stanley.

Shaughnessy makes a guest appearance in season two and three of Mad Men. In the episode “Meditations in an Emergency,” (October 19, 2008), he plays Saint John Powell, one of the partners of the London advertising firm Putnam, Powell, and Lowe. They are buying out Sterling Cooper and he announces that Herman “Duck” Phillips will be the new President. There are later appearances in season three.

On August 8, 2008, he portrayed the murder victim (Samuel, Guru) in Murder 101: The Locked Room Mystery. As of September 2008, his voice can be heard in a few television commercials for Range Rover cars. In December 2008, he did the voice of Pietro in The Tale of Despereaux. He also portrayed the Cockney-English accent for The Boss in the game Saints Row 2, and more recently has voiced commercials for Land Rover.

On May 5, 2009, he made a guest appearance in the series The Mentalist episode “Miss Red” as the manager of a private club.

As of 2009, his voice has been featured in commercials for Land Rover.

He also appeared on the tv show Hannah Montana as the judge in the episode "Judge Me Tender".

Shaughnessy is active on the Internet. He maintains his own blog on myspace and in the midst of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election he started a video blog on YouTube uploading a video in support of Barack Obama.

He will return to Days of our Lives in May 2010, in time for Frances Reid's, who played matriarch Alice Horton, funeral.

August 2010 - appearing in Spamalot! at Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, ME.

He became the fifth Baron Shaughnessy in December 2007 upon the death of his second cousin. The heir presumptive to the title is his brother David. The first baron was his great-grandfather, Thomas George Shaughnessy, the president of Canadian Pacific Railway.

Daniel Davis -- "Niles"

At the 2000 Tony Awards, Davis was recognized with a nomination for “Best Actor” for his role in Wrong Mountain. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Davis guest-starred as Professor Moriarty in the episodes “Elementary, Dear Data” and “Ship in a Bottle.”

In 2003, he appeared in the Alan Bennett play Talking Heads. In 2004, he appeared in the Stephen Sondheim musical The Frogs, in which he portrayed George Bernard Shaw. He co-starred in La Cage Aux Folles with Gary Beach from November 2004 to March 2005. He reportedly clashed frequently with Beach and others, and was replaced by Robert Goulet. He also played a doctor in an episode of Frasier.

Davis briefly appeared in the 2006 film release of The Prestige directed by Christopher Nolan. In addition, he was among the odd assortment of celebrities featured lipsynching to The Bee Gees’ “Stayin' Alive” on the "Idol Gives Back" episode of American Idol on April 25, 2007.

In July 2008, he portrayed King Lear at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, under the direction of Bonnie Monte. That same year, he appeared in the TV series Ugly Betty.

Davis also guest starred as character Dr. Shafer on the hit tv show Fraiser in episode 8 "Rooms With A View" season 10.

Lauren Lane -- "Chastity Claire 'C.C' Babcock"

She is currently a professor in the Theater Department at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

Lane was married to David Wilkins. Lane has a daughter Kate (born February 23, 1998) with Wilkins.

In 2004, she appeared in the reunion of The Nanny entitled The Nanny Reunion: A Nosh to Remember, starring Fran Drescher and much of the original cast.

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Renée Taylor -- "Sylvia Fine"

Occasional writer and one-time director, best-known for playing Fran Drescher's outspoken mother, Sylvia Fine, on the TV series The Nanny.

In May 2009, she guest starred as Ted Mosby's neighbor, Mrs. Matsen on How I Met Your Mother.

She also guest stars on Victorious as Robbie's grandmother and Disney's Sonny With A Chance.

She is in a movie that comes out in 2010 called Driving Me Crazy.

Ann Morgan Guilbert -- "Yetta Rosenberg"

After The Dick Van Dyke Show, she made guest appearances in many other television shows, including The Andy Griffith Show, That Girl, Emergency!, Love, American Style, Picket Fences, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Guilbert has also appeared in the films A Guide for the Married Man, Viva Max!, Grumpier Old Men, and Please Give.

In December 2004, she appeared in the reunion of The Nanny titled The Nanny Reunion: A Nosh to Remember with Fran Drescher, Lauren Lane, Rachel Chagall and other The Nanny cast members.

She is the mother of actress Hallie Todd, who played Lizzie McGuire's mom.

Nicholle Tom -- "Margaret 'Maggie' Sheffield"

Tom currently stars in the IFC original The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman as Tara, an underling at a film production company.

Also, in the early 1990s, she played 'Ryce Newton' in the successful family movie Beethoven and the sequel Beethoven's 2nd. She did not appear in Beethoven's 3rd and Beethoven's 4th  as she had grown up too much for her specific role, although she did reprise her role as the voice of Ryce in the cartoon spinoff.

From 1998–2006 she provided the voice for Supergirl in the DC Animated Universe. In 2000, she played Sarah Bryan in the Fox Family TV film Ice Angel as well as Tracy in Panic. In 2001, she portrayed a teen reporter named Cassie in The Princess Diaries.

Tom played a small but important role in an episode of Burn Notice that originally aired on September 20, 2007. The episode was titled "Loose Ends," and her character was named Melissa.

She starred in the Lifetime movie Her Only Child, which premiered on March 22, 2008. She guest starred alongside brother David (who played her character's brother) in an episode of Criminal Minds which originally aired on April 2, 2008.

She also guest starred on an episode of Cold Case which aired on May 4, 2008.

Benjamin Salisbury -- "Brighton Sheffield"

An accomplished dancer, Salisbury would often treat The Nanny studio audiences to improvisational routines when the cameras weren’t rolling.

He also played Martin Short’s son in the 1992 film Captain Ron, and appeared in D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996) as the sports announcer.

Was also lined up to play Bart Simpson in the Simpsons live-action movie which was greenlit at the height of Simpsons mania in 1992.

Salisbury was a contestant on the hit quiz show Jeopardy! where he competed in a very special Teen Celebrity Jeopardy! against Kirsten Dunst and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Salisbury won with $1 but received $15,000 for his charity while Dunst and Levitt each received $10,000 for theirs.

He appeared in the reunion of the sitcom The Nanny titled The Nanny Reunion: A Nosh to Remember with Fran Drescher, Renee Taylor, Rachel Chagall and other The Nanny cast.

In August 2006, Salisbury was featured in Domino's pizza commercials featuring Fudge-ums, Domino’s then-new mini-brownies.

As of 2010, he currently works for the NHL team, the Los Angeles Kings.

Madeline Zima -- "Grace Sheffield"

Zima has become known for her work in films such as The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and having most recently appeared in the Hilary Duff film A Cinderella Story and the soon to be released films: Dimples, Looking for Sunday, Once in a Very Blue Moon and Legacy alongside Hillary Duff's sister Haylie Duff.

In 2007, Zima played Mia Cross, a sexually precocious and worldly 16-year old, on the series Californication. Zima returned for a second season of Californication in 2008 reprising her role as bratty 17-year-old Mia. In promotion of Mia's book, Fucking and Punching, Zima starred in several Californication webisodes that are featured on YouTube. In 2009, Zima joined the cast of Heroes as Gretchen, Claire Bennet's quirky bisexual roommate and tentative love interest.

She stars as Jill in the 2009 release The Collector.

She has two new movies coming out in 2010: Crazy Eyes and Trance.

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