Katy Perry Releases "Circle the Drain" on iTunes

As Katy Perry previously announced, she has released a new promo single today, August 10th via iTunes in the form of "Circle The Drain". This becomes the fifth track in full that we have from Perry's upcoming studio album "Teenage Dream" in stores on August 24th. Oooh another smash hit! This CD is going to be beyond amazing! Katy goes hard lyrics-wise in "Circle The Drain". An example is, "I Wanna Be Your Love, Not Your Fuckin' Mother" lol. Fuck yeah Katy! You tell him! Listening to the entire new tune, who do you think she could be referring to? *cough* Travie McCoy *cough*. I'm telling you thanks to this clever campaign with the promo singles, and each released song being a certified smash, Katy could perfectly have one of the most sold albums this year with "Teenage Dream". Can't wait to get my copy!