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Walt Disney: Gay?

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There's a reason why so many Walt Disney movies concern princesses and fairies.

Walt Disney was GAY!

New book Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again says not only was Walt fond of trying on his mother's make-up, clothes and high heels when he was a child (RED FLAG #1), he also could never get an erection for women (RED FLAG #2).

Though married for 41 years, Walt kept an apartment in L.A. where he would meet with male hustlers (RED FLAG #3) including Ralph Ferguson, who alleges Walt paid him $100 for a night of sex, and also that Walt was popular among the rentboys as a "good mark."

Walt allegedly fell in love with child actor Bobby Driscoll (pictured above), the young star of 1946's Song of the South and the voice of Peter Pan in the 1953 animated film. Disney would give the young boy "wet sloppy kisses" (RED FLAG #EWWWW!).

Driscoll says he was "dropped like garbage when I was no longer a cute little kid and I didn't appeal to [Walt] anymore."

Actress Jane Wyman (ex of Ronald Reagan) alarmingly said, "there was something going on between Walt and Bobby, something that's been hushed up, something that should be investigated."

Disney also confided in gay director George Cukor that "mothers wouldn't let their kids go see a Disney picture if word got out that I'm a homo."

I guess here is the place to point out that Walt Disney was not merely gay (or not gay at all) but apparently was a pedophile.

Ugh !!

Tags: lgbtq / rights

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