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micha has bad taste in boyfriends, but good taste in music

Mischa Tunes Out

Like much of the listening public, Mischa Barton apparently isn't a big fan of the music put out by Whitestarr, the little-known band fronted by her stringy-locked, stringy-'stached boyfriend, Cisco Adler.

Not only did she look "red-faced" as he warbled a love song to her on his hands and knees during a performance a few days back at a Miami club, according to the New York Post, but she managed to tune him out completely during a recent show in L.A.

People reports that instead of taking in the ink-stained rocker's typically shirtless, sweaty stage act, the "OC" starlet, 19, caught up with pals and played with her Sidekick.

"Every time Cisco would look over at her, she was not even paying attention," a spy tells the mag. "It was hard to tell if she was just trying to play it cool or if she was bored out of her skull."

Barton, who previously dated oily oil scion Brandon Davis, perked up slightly when Adler called out to her from the stage, addressing her with the always-empowering pet name, "Hey, baby doll," to which she responded with a shy wave.

source: msn gossip

Brad & Maddox's Father-Son Day

Forget the usual Hollywood hot spots. These days, if you're Brad Pitt, the place to be is out with his adopted- son-to-be, Maddox Jolie, at Oxnard, Calif.'s hippest joint: the Sports Chalet.

The actor – dressed low-key in a gray hooded sweatshirt and aviator shades – and the Mohawk-topped 4-year-old were spotted at the sporting goods store (sans Angelina) looking "comfortable with each other" as they shopped for more than hour, says a store staffer. Among their purchases: two Super Soaker water pistols, for Maddox, and golf equipment, including two clubs that cost around $100, presumably for Brad.

The nearly anonymous shopping spree was interrupted only when several female employees asked Pitt for autographs – which he graciously provided.

and for those surprised to hear... i sure was. not.

Israel's Leader Sharon Suffers a Stroke

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rushed to a hospital Wednesday for what is being described as a "significant" stroke that has affected movement in his lower body as well as breathing functions, says a hospital official.

"He felt slight pain to the chest and some weaknesses in the presence of his doctor and, upon his advice, the doctor said he should be taken to the hospital," said Ra'anan Gissin, Sharon's senior adviser. Sharon was taken from his home in the south of Israel to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, Gissin said.

Dr. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, the hospital's director general, told reporters that the 77-year-old leader had "massive bleeding and was being transferred to an operating theater."

On Dec. 18 Sharon suffered a minor stroke that doctors had said would leave no lasting damage.

CNN reports that power in Israel has already been transferred to Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert after Sharon was placed under anesthesia and on a respirator.

Sharon's illness came after a full day of meetings, though after the Dec. 18 incident he reportedly had eased up on his heavy work

source: people.
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