Guess Who! (Also my first ONTD post!)

So my step-dad got some free tickets to the American Idols Live tour at the St. Pete Times Forum in hot and disgusting Tampa Florida. When it was over and we were walking outside they had the barricades up and there were a couple of groups of people who had been waiting for an hour to meet them. Completely unnecessary, my sister and I just jumped up to the barricades.

Only a couple of them would take pictures, the others lied and said that they weren't allowed to. Crystal Bowersox didn't come out because it was her birthday and she had her child with her. It was worth waiting for them just to listen to the extremely embarrassing people who were obsessing over Lee DeWyze. IDK what happened but I could have sworn he was not this weird looking on the show.

Also, excuse how terrible I look.

Andrew Garcia

Siobhan Magnus

Lee DeWyze

Casey James

I also was not willing to spend $25 for something to get signed, so I used the only thing I had on me -- my iPod.