Kate Moss: UK Vogue

Obviously, Kate will not be kept off of a September Issue, nabbing them yearly, this one being the cover girl for UK Vogue. It’s absolutely very Kate, shot by Patrick Demarchelier and I need to get it. I’m reading random thoughts about how it’s the same-old Kate, but I feel that’s the point. She has a very definitive personal style and image, that’s why she’s such a successful model for over 20 years now. She’s my love. My only concerns is the “Minimal Chic” headline. Well, all of them are bad, but this one in particular better be talking about a separate editorial that doesn’t include Burberry and Balmain, because that would be the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. That would be like saying Lindsay Lohan is a quaint, quiet, girl-next-door who always did well in school and thought sex was best left for after marriage. Right, crazy talk. I’m sure that editorial, if I could place bets, will include a lot of Celine. Ready, Philo-atics?!

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