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Blind items for the masses

Some blind items from this weeks NW Magazine (Australia) - some old, some new, some obvious.

1. "Everyone is talking about this star's rapid weight loss. But pals aren't fooled by her story that she shed kilos through diet and exercise. Instead, they say she's back on drugs. One top designer who loaned the girl a dress for a photo shoot, hit the roof when the $10,000 gown came back with holes - the star kept nodding off with cigarettes in her hand."

2. "This young non-industry type has loads of cash, but that didn't stop him taking bribes from the producers of his girlfriend's hit TV show. They wanted him to stop giving her coke after midnight so she'd be fit for work the next day. The glam duo have since split, but sources say the actress is still struggling to shake her nasty habit."

3. "When this famous couple parted recently they fought over one last item - who got to keep their fave bong! In the end, the hunk duped his wife by switching the prized device for a look-a-like. Sneaky should be his middle name."

4. "This acclaimed young actor is such a fan of nose candy that on a recent plane trip he snorted almost two grams of the stuff before hitting on the air hostess. But the plane wasn't the only thing coming down when it was time to land - the star took a handful of tranquilisers so his pretty pop star girlfriend wouldn't suspect a thing."

5. "He has a less than secret penchant for cocaine, porn and hookers, and his addictions have broken up more than one relationship in the past. But this leading man has finally found a ladylove who'll tolerate his extracurricular activities. Once a month he gets to indulge his illicit passions while his wife sits in the next room and watches less graphic videos."

6. "He's on drugs, he's off drugs. He's gay, he's straight. He's happy, he's sad. We're all used to his antics by now, but this lawsuit-happy loudmouth isn't fooling the rent boys he invites up to his plush London pad for drugs and sex - even though he insists on wearing a silly ski mask over his face so the hired help won't know who he is."

7. "This hot young hunk has women desperate to bed him. But they are all barking up the wrong tree, because the actor has a thing for other blokes - and Ecstasy. Every Friday night he and several like-minded pals, including a part-time player on his hit TV show, all pop a handful of pills, strip down and get busy. His living arrangements are also raising eyebrows, with insiders saying his housemates are more than just friends."

8. "Which soul singer has an interesting list of tour demands, which includes, 'two girls under the age of 21 who are willing to spend the night'?"

9. "This famous actress was caught with her pants down - well, the pants of another man - while she was married to her now-ex husband. Rumours have raged about the couple since their much-publicised split, and a staff member from an Australian hotel may have stumbled upon the naked truth behind the break-up. While delivering room service to her suite, the staffer was confronted by a man - definitely NOT her husband - lying naked on the bed. Talk about an eye-opener."

10. "This balding rock god left a drawer full of gay porn in his hotel suite recently, which was discovered by members of the road crew."

Let the guessing begin!
My shots in the dark:

1. Nicole Richie
2. Brandon Davis & Mischa Barton
3. Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston
4. I feel like I should know who this is but my mind is drawing blanks
5. I was going to say Charlie Sheen but I'm not so sure...
6. Robbie Williams
7. Jesse Metcalf...?
8. Usher (R. Kelly would be waayyy to obvious)
9. No idea.
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