New Internet Celebrity Antoine Dodson Reacts to Fame

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville Police are working to identify a suspect who broke into a woman's apartment, crawled in bed with her, and tried to rape her. Officers are waiting on fingerprint evidence to determine who the suspect is.

The break-in happened early Wednesday morning in the 500 block of Webster drive in Huntsville.

Kelly Dodson says she was sleeping when the man broke in. Her brother, Antoine rushed in to help but the suspect got away.

The Dodson story became an instant internet sensation. It's the number one watched video on and Youtube. Antoine Dodson now has a Facebook fan page, t-shirt line, even a ring tone.

Some viewers question the decision to let Antoine and his sister tell their story. No one could have anticipated this kind of attention. The Dodsons welcomed the news crew on their property and approached us to do an interview.

Some do not agree with what Dodson said in his interview, but the fact is, the Dodsons are victims. Like any victim, they have the right to speak out.

Within minutes of the story airing, it became a viral internet sensation, taking over popular sites like Facebook and Youtube. There's a rap version of Dodson's interview and now a ring tone clip.

So how does Dodson feel about his new found fame?

"I know I am so glad because I feel like I belong to someone's TV," he said.

Dodson says the situation he and his family went through was terrifying. He said he was angry the day he went on camera, but says he did it to warn his neighbors. Today, he's much more calm, but says he has no regrets.

"What people fail to realize is, we don't run around crying acting sad. We dust our shoulders off and keep on moving," said Dodson.

Antoine and his family are scared to stay at their apartment at night. The attack has left his sister worried for their safety.

Antoine says he didn't do the interview to become a household name, he did it to help try and catch his sister's attacker.

"Pretty much I'm going to be beat his **** and then I'm going to call the police while I'm beating his ****. I want you to feel what my sister feel when you came into her room," said Dodson.


The original video:

He's an internet sensation, but the man is also a hero. I SALUTE YOU, ANTOINE DODSON.