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99 Most Desirable Men According to ONTD - 5 Years On.

As most of you know, ONTD-ers are fickle beings. One minute we're in love with ASkars and the next we're sending n00ds to Eli Roth, just an average day for one of us. But have you ever wondered who our most desirable are? Well, one user in 2005 did and created a post - perhaps an epic post - where they counted down the 99 Most Desirable Men (According to ONTD). And, alas, I believe the time has come for this to occurr again and I will be the one to make it happen. So come on in! Relax, Reminisce and prepare for next Friday when this event will be re-done...
The Original 
It was the early morning on the 24th of July, 2005 when psychee2 made a post asking who us ONTD-ers thought were the 99 most desirable men. 413 comments were made, so ______goaway set to counting each comment and created a list in this post listing said men, the list went like this:
1. Ewan McGregor
2. Johnny Depp
3. Christian Bale
4. Jake Gyllenhaal
5. Jude Law
5. Ryan Gosling
6. Hayden Christensen
7. Gael Garcia Bernal
8. Orlando Bloom
9. Jared Leto
10. Brad Pitt
11. Cillian Murphy
12. Edward Norton
13. Adam Brody
14. Brandon Flowers
15. Colin Firth
16. David Beckham
17. Gale Harold
18. John Mayer
19. Jon Stewart
20. George Clooney
21. Vince Vaughn
22. Adrien Brody
23. Clive Owen
24. Ian Somerhalder
25. Jimmy Fallon
26. Joaquin Phoenix
27. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
28. Justin Timberlake
29. Michael Ian Black
30. Ryan Reynolds
31. Topher Grace
32. Chris Evans
33. Dane Cook
34. Diego Luna
35. Dominic Monaghan
36. Elijah Wood
37. Hal Sparks
38. Hugh Grant
39. John Cusack
40. Mark Ruffalo
41. Trent Reznor
42. Zach Braff
43. Benicio Del Toro
44. Billie Joe Armstrong
45. Conan O’Brien
46. Gary Oldman
47. Heath Ledger
48. Ioan Gruffudd
49. Jason Mraz
50. Johnny Knoxville
51. Josh Homme
52. Keanu Reeves
53. Leonardo DiCaprio
54. Matt Damon
55. Matthew Fox
56. Michael Rosenbaum
57. Milo Ventimiglia
58. Noah Wyle
59. Patrick Dempsey
60. Ralph Fiennes
61. Taylor Hanson
62. Rivers Cuomo
63. Viggo Mortensen
64. Al Pacino
65. Benjamin Mckenzie
66. Brandon Boyd
67. Colin Farrell
68. Damon Albarn
69. Dave Grohl
70. David Boreanaz
71. David Bowie
72. David Spade
73. Hugh Laurie
74. Jack Johnson
75. James Dean
76. James Franco
77. Jason Bateman
78. Jeff Goldblum
79. Jeremy Irons
80. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
81. Josh hartnett
82. Josh Holloway
83. Justin Chatwin
84. Kiefer Sutherland
85. Kirk Hammett
86. Luke Wilson
87. Marcus Schenkenberg
88. Matthew McConaughey
89. Michael Vartan
90. Mo Rocca
91. Pierce Brosnan
92. Prince William
93. Rob Lowe
94. Rob Thomas
95. Seth Meyers
96. Tom Brady
97. Tom Welling
98. Tyler Hilton
99. Will Smith

Crazy huh? My point exactly. When I found this post I became curious. Obsessed. I wouldn't stop until I knew how the list had changed, and had peace of mind that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was listed higher than number 80. I decided the best way  to do was to make a remake.

The Remake
The Remake will be slightly different. It will be compiled of four posts:

The First Post: This is the First Post, an introduction to the theme and a chance for the mods to decline if they feel the need to. This post can be used for asking me questions, spamming who you want to win and praising me for this stroke of pure genius.
The Second Post: The Second Post will take place next Friday about an hour before FFAF. The Comments will be screened, and it will be the main place you have to vote. You'll simply put whoever you want to vote for in your comment and I'll count them up. This post will be closed for comments on the Monday morning, so you will not be able to vote after this time. But it will be open for business once I have counted them all up, so you can see who voted for who.
The Third Post: The Third Post will be made once I open up the other post. This post can be used to determine who you think will win/ more spamming if you like.
The Fourth Post: The Fourth Post will be made once I have counted up every single vote by hand. Here I will tell you who the winner is and you can bitch/rejoice depending on who wins.

Of course things might have to change around if I have any kind of plans or life anytime soon, but I don't at the moment so hopefully everything will stick to plan. If you don't like the idea I'm sorry, but a lot of thought will go into counting each vote by hand so don't say anything too mean.

And the main point of all of this, have fun!

 eta: Because I have been asked this question a lot already, yes you CAN vote for more than one person but you can't vote more than once. Also, I'm just goign to clarrify once again it is NEXT FRIDAY NOT TOMORROW. Thanks for the 1000+ comments in 30 mins. Don't make me regret this ONTD!
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