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In and Out

The Super Bowl isn't until Feb. 5 and Mr. Blackwell isn't revealing his Worst-Dressed List until next week, so the responsibility to inform who's who and what's what for '06 has fallen to The Washington Post, which has unveiled the latest list of those who are IN and OUT.

Granted, it's a highly arbitrary – and subjective – list, but it's fun just the same. For instance, "Scientologists in love" Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are OUT, while "Ranch hands in love" Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are IN – in Brokeback Mountain.

Among other people, Lindsay Lohan is OUT, superceded by the IN Kristin Cavallari, of MTV's Laguna Beach, The Post opines. Among comedians: Sarah Silverman, OUT; Amy Poehler, IN; Will Ferrell, OUT; Steve Carell, IN. Of actors, Kirsten Dunst, OUT; Rachel McAdams, IN. Likewise, Johnny Knoxville, OUT; Dane Cook, said to be the hottest comic on the college circuit, IN.

When it comes to couples other than Tom and Katie, it's Jude and Sienna, OUT, and George and Hilly, IN. They're so IN, in fact, that they may not be known to anyone beyond those readers who are tracking their couple's therapy sessions in the New York Observer, the same weekly paper that spawned Sex and the City.

In the hunk division, Adrian Grenier is OUT, his position usurped by fellow Entourage cast member Kevin Connolly. Nick Lachey is both IN and OUT, presumably because he's newly single and thus reincarnated, while supermodel Kate Moss is OUT (for obvious reasons), as Washington Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss becomes IN.

The Post doesn't explain how it arrives at its decisions – but it does take its readers to task for still relying on newsprint when they should be following their kids' example and poking their noses into a PlayStation Portable instead.
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