Jake T. Austin at Home

"Check out Jake T. Austin’s home in New York!

The 15-year-old actor shows his fans around the acreage in the suburbs of New York and the three family goats!

Jake recently opened up to JJJ on costar pal David Henrie’s recent writing ventures on Wizards of Waverly Place. He shared, “Oh, David. Yeah, his episode sucked by the way (laughs), No, no. It was actually really good. I didn’t think he had it in him. I think of him as just the actor. You think of everyone you work with one dimensionally until they prove their stuff. David wrote a great episode. I have much more of a respect for him that he actually followed through. He set his mind to something and got it done.

Jake added on, about possibly writing for the series himself, I can write comedies. Sitcoms, I don’t understand it at all. I still don’t understand it even being on it. I just don’t understand the formula so I wouldn’t be too good at it. David worked on a lot of sitcoms through so he knows it better than I do. But no, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do that."