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25 Female Characters That Kick Butt!

From her first major movie role in "Hackers," Angelina Jolie has made a habit out of playing kick-ass female characters. Whether they're literally or figuratively busting balls, the ladies this glamazon embodies are confident, strong and vivacious women.The same is true of her newest big screen effort, "Salt" -- and in honor of her latest lethal lady, NYPOST/ PopWrap has highlighted 25 of the coolest women pop culture has ever created. You may not agree with all 25 choices.

25. Selina Kyle/Catwoman, "Batman Returns"
Although many women played the latex-loving minx before, Michelle Pfeiffer's kitty creation in the 1992 super-sequel set the standard by which all other comic book femme fatales will be judged.

24. Agent Dana Scully, "The X-Files"
Although the show hit extreme highs and shocking lows (everything after Duchovny left), our love of the small screen skeptic never wavered thanks to Gillian Anderson's perfect mixture of brains and brawn.

23. Hermione Granger, "Harry Potter" series
Nobody likes a know-it-all -- except when that smarty pants is also one of the most loyal and dependable friends a scarred wizard could hope for

22. Lisa Simpson, "The Simpsons"
Despite never actually aging, Lisa Simpson continues to get wiser, funnier and more exasperated with the buffoons around her as the years wear on.

21. Lola, "Run Lola Run"
As every second of Lola's suddenly terrible day ticks away, our addiction to this flame haired German grows deeper. I've never hoped someone else triumphs at roulette more.

20. Sydney Bristow, "Alias"
Mixing action with emotion like no series ever had before, we were drawn into the complex web of love and lies J.J. Abrams & Jennifer Garner spun for five seasons.

19. Xenia Onatopp, "Goldeneye''
While most of this list is taken up by heroines, we had to highlight one of the best cinematic villains -- male or female -- of all time. As James Bond's toughest tussle in decades, Famke Janssen's squeeze-happy baddie is exactly the kind of right hand you want if attempting global domination.

18. Joan Holloway, "Mad Men"
As gifted with an accordion as she is with a cutting comment, Christina Hendricks' character acts as the omnipresent goddess of advertising -- she knows all, sees all and controls all in a wonderfully understated way.

17. Sidney Prescott, "Scream"

Although Sid does her fair share of crying, Miss. Prescott has also managed to stay alive despite the attempts of five different ghost-faced foes. Will she be as lucky in the upcoming four-quel?

16. Nancy Thompson, "A Nightmare on Elm Street"
The most emulated horror heroine of all time (sorry Jamie Lee!) is easily Freddy Krueger's original and most resourceful foe, Nancy. She figured out the dream demon's game quickly and found enough ways to fend him off forever ... her mother, less so. A documentary about the actress Heather Langenkamp, and the character of Nancy, is being produced now (see video below).

15. Leeloo, "The Fifth Element"
Milla Jovovich is second only to Angelina in terms of crafting kick-ass cinematic characters. Her zombie battling "Resident Evil" hero and J.C. Penny clothes loathing character in "Zoolander" almost snagged this spot, but Leeloo's sci-fi fight sealed the deal.

14. Blair Waldorf, "Gossip Girl"
Our favorite small screen schemer is currently the cunning, crafty and couture-clad Blair Waldorf.

13. Amanda Woodward, "Melrose Place"
But if we're talking all time best TV bitch, there's no competition -- Heather Locklear defined her career with the high hemline loving vixen.

12. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, "Battlestar Galactica"
Starbuck may have been male on the original "BSG" series, but Katee Sackhoff's post-millennia rendition had more brains, brawn and balls than the 1970's incarnation could ever hope for.

11. Clairee Belcher, "Steel Magnolias"
In my opinion, Olympia Dukakis' strong Southern belle is one of the most quotable characters of all time. I also love her more than my luggage.

10. Emily Chalton, "The Devil Wears Prada"
With every dismissive wave and judgey glare, Emily Blunt infused her like-named fashionista with an air of superiority that transformed her third tier character into one of the 00's most memorable characters.

9. Phyllis Nefler, "Troop Beverly Hills"
The list of what this unhappy 90210 housewife excels at is longer than her Amex bill but her most notable skills include: accessorizing, locating missing beads, diamond appraisal, writing cookie-themed songs, inspiring young girls, grown men and Annie Herman, boy-oi-oing.

8. Veronica Mars, "Veronica Mars"
A common trait many of these women share is that you desperately want them on your side. If they're against you, chances are prison, divorce or public humiliation are in the near future.

7. The Women of "Kill Bill"
Tough as nails, smart as hell and nearly impossible to kill, the women trained by Bill end up being his (and eachother's) undoing.

6. Shoshanna, "Inglorious Basterds"
While entire armies failed in eradicating Nazi-power, one determined woman bit the bullet (later, literally) and sacrificed herself to expedite Hilter's demise.

5. Sarah Connor, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"
The gold standard by which all kick-ass women are judged, the future salvaging mother performed one of the most iconic action sequences of all time: the single-handed shotgun cock.

4. The entire career of Sigourney Weaver
When time came to single out one of Sigourney Weaver's characters, we were so torn that the only acceptable choice was to highlight them all. so our six favorite women to spring forth from Siggy's loins were in "Aliens," "Ghostbusters," "Baby Mama," "Working Girl," "The TV Set" and "Galaxy Quest."

3. Pam, "True Blood"
Proving that a vampire is only as good as the woman behind him, Eric Northman's progeny Pam has quickly earned a place in fans hearts thanks to her penchant for pink, blood and bon mots.

2. Dana Whitaker, "Sports Night"
Felicity Huffman prepared to play "Desperate Housewives" harried matriarch Lynette Scavo by cutting her teeth as mother hen Dana on the brilliant but canceled "Sports Night."

1. Buffy Summers, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Last but most certainly not least is Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy Summers. For seven years she alone stood against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. And she did it all while remaining one of the most dynamic women to ever be captured on celluloid.


They obviously forgot Vanessa Lutz, "Freeway"

also, there needs to be color in this list!

so I pick Pimp QueenB, "Truck Turner"

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