Marilyn Manson sees ghosts

and no one is surprised...


Manson: You know something as simple as a movie like "Paranormal Activity" I watched that and I was really, I felt condescended or insulted because I've had more scary, more frightening, and more interesting and believable experiences happen that I can't explain and I think that they're encouraged by my interest in things that maybe you shouldn't look into. I remember early on as a kid I visited one of my great grandparents home, which now in retrospect seemed like a picnic outside of a funeral home, they were mostly too old to be alive on this earth one of them died, and I remember going upstairs and that being, hearing scary and I could hear talking and it was very scary and then I thought maybe it was you know like a car radio or it was sounds coming from the street but I realized very quickly that there was no freeway nearby. It was never ghosts so much that I was afraid of but I was afraid of the supernatural maybe more related to evil, people's energy stays with things that they were attached to, so when it comes to a house that someone was really attached to died and wasn't ready to die, I think that house is going to be haunted. It is scary to me when you feel uncomfortable everytime you go to sleep, you don't have to be attacked by something to know that a place is haunted.


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