'RPF' = real person fiction

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Top Ten Celebrities written into Fanfic: Ian Somerhalder isn’t first?

If you’re writing fanfiction, there’s a good chance it involves Ian Somerhalder. And don’t lie about it, ’cause we have proof.

We don’t write fanfic, but we’ve certainly read some. There are some who write material only involving fictional characters, and other people write “RPF” which is real person fiction.

According to WattPad lots of celebrity-based stories are being penned, and they’ve made a list of the top ten. Ian Somerhalder clocks in at number five. Apparently Taylor Lautner’s abs are winning this thing.

Top Ten Celebrities in Fan Stories:

01. Taylor Lautner
02. Selena Gomez
03. Chace Crawford
04. Megan Fox
05. Ian Somerhalder
06. Dakota Fanning
07. Ashley Greene
08. Logan Lerman
09. Taylor Swift
10. Zac Efron