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Sylvester McCoy Rumoured For The Hobbit

Strong hints that the seventh Doctor Who has a major role in the Tolkien adaptation...

Loathe as we usually are to report on casting news before it's made official, we simply had to tell you about this one. On a trip to the theatre last night (what you think we only ever watch movies?), we bumped into the venerable Sylvester McCoy, aka the Seventh Doctor, and were made aware that he's been cast for a major role in The Hobbit.

Now we have to assert that this incredible tidbit didn't come from the man himself but a close source has confirmed that he'll be playing "the second biggest lead" in the upcoming Lord Of The Rings prequel opposite Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis.

Interestingly, McCoy's agent would neither confirm nor deny the story, choosing instead to elicit an enigmatic "no comment", but it has long been known that the Scottish actor came a close second to
Peter Jackson's final choice of Bilbo, Ian Holm. Now that Holm is knocking on 78 and McCoy is but a sprightly 66, it's well within the realm of possibilty that the ex-Tardis dweller could be given a second stab at the role, perhaps as an older version of Baggins recounting the adventures of his early years.

Seeing as Peter Jackson is doing a world tour seeing actors for roles in the film right now and was recently in London, we're holding out hope that all comes to fruition for McCoy. Keep it locked on to Screenrush for all the latest developments.

Tags: british celebrities, casting / auditions, doctor who (bbc), lord of the rings / the hobbit
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