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The epitome of weirdness and all things good, also pop sensation, Lady Gaga, is rumored to design some kick-ass glasses! Oh finally a touch of Gaga-ness in the real fashion world. Remember her stint where she rocked a sport sunglasses made from rows of lit cigarettes in the “Telephone” clip? Well, not that we think it’s going to be that crazy, but this did cross our minds when we heard that Lady Gaga is linking arms with London-based sunglasses brand, Linda Farrow.

The 40 year-old label has launched a sunglasses line designed by singer Róisín Murphy recently, and adding Gaga to the lineup of celeb-designed sunglasses would be a fresh move for the brand. Linda Farrow has collaborated with the likes of Alexander Wang, Matthew Williamson and Dries Van Noten. We’ll be waiting for the confirmation on this, but tell us… will you buy Lady Gaga’s Sunglasses?