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Brittany to do Britney

Brittany will be belting out not one, but two of the pop star's tunes.
Ryan Murphy dishes on news about Glees second series during the inside the writers room event, last night at the Paley Center.
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Here's one Glee fans should have seen coming: That upcoming Britney Spears-themed episode? It will revolve around New Directions' own Brittany (Heather Morris).

Series creator Ryan Murphy tells exclusively that McKinley High's deliciously ditzy Cheerio Brittany will be at the center of Season 2's tribute to Spears.

And it gets better. Brittany will be belting out not one, but two of the pop star's tunes. "Heather's actually got a terrific voice," Murphy says.

No word yet on which numbers they'll be, but just imagine the possibilities: Brittany could sing "Boys" (because she's hooked up with everyone, even Kurt) or "Toxic" (which could be her ode to Kurt!)

Morris already seems sold on the idea. "I heard there's a Britney Spears episode coming up and fingers crossed that I get to sing, because I play Brittany and I'm like, 'Oh my god, it's insane,'" Morris told E! Online last month.

Glee fans won't have to wait long to find out how Morris sounds. Murphy said the Spears-powered hour will be the second episode to air next season.


this has the potential to be a disastuh tbh, dnw this character to be ruined. but if Heather can sing like they say, maybe she can make it work

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