Kate Moss is pretty, goes on stage with Nick Cave

Kate Moss takes centre stage and shows off her tambourine skills as she accompanies fiancé Jamie Hince at charity gig

Fundraiser: Kate looked very pretty as she posed for a picture at her table

Clothes and catwalks may be her game, but Kate Moss will always be a rock chick at heart.

Last night, the supermodel took to the stage with fiancé Jamie Hince at a charity function last night and couldn't resist banging a tambourine along to the music.

She also showed the crowd that she also has a decent set of lungs on her as she sang backing and banged her head enthusiastically.

Kate, 36, and Jamie, 42, were attending the Hoping for the Children of Palestine, an annual fundraiser for the Hoping Foundation.

It took place at the Kiddington Hall in Oxfordshire last night and Jamie took to the stage to play a set.

He was joined by singer Nick Cave, 52, who, along with his wife, former model Susie Bick, 43, shared a table with Hince and Kate.

And much to the audience's delight, all four of them took to the stage to entertain, with Kate and Susie - who looked every inch the rock chicks in their little black dresses and towering heels - banging their tambourines and providing backing vocals.

This is not the first time that Kate has displayed her talent for music.

He regularly performs at charity events and showbiz parties and even joined her rocker ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty onstage on several occasions and provided backing vocals for a track on his band Babyshambles’ album, Down In Albion.

She has sung on Primal Scream's version of Some Velvet Morning and also appears on the Lemonheads album Varshons.

Kate, Jamie and many of their friends are big supporters of the Hoping Foundation.

At last year's event at London's Cafe Du Paris, the model took to the stage with Pink Floyd guitarist Dave

Shake it, baby: Kate Moss provides percussion as she appears on stage at a charity night for the Hoping Foundation

Supergroup: Kate is joined by former model Susie Bick, who is married to singer Nick Cave, who also took to the stage with the girls and Jamie Hince

Hitting the high notes: Kate claps and sings loudly along with Susie, who accompanies on the tambourine

Rock chicks: Susie and Kate look like they had a whale of time being the backing and even had a big 'well done' hug at the end of the set

Did I do ok? Kate is in high spirits and gives fiancé Jamie a hug as she continues to play for the audience

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