Claudia Schiffer as Frida Kahlo?

March 2010 Vogue Germany Editorial: Bildschön (Picture Perfect)
Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld
Model: Claudia Schiffer
Styled by Christiana Arp

We can accept the fact that Uncle Karl operates on an entirely different level than us, but one thing we never could understand was his devotion to Claudia. Frankly, we always thought she was the least interesting and talented of the crop of '90s supermodels. To confound us even further, Karl made the bizarre choice to style her like Frida Kahlo. That's not a connection that ever would have occured to us, and looking at these pictures, we can see why. She makes a terrible Frida. It's just Claudia Schiffer with a pair of Bert eyebrows slapped on her.

The clothes and the photography are beautiful, though. We just hate the model and hate how the model was styled.