Megan & Brian’s Wedding Photos Revealed!

Everyone knows that Megan and Brian’s Hawaiian wedding was literally hush-hush to the point of Megan turning to a major bridezilla (well, allegedly). But ever since the wedding took place, no known photos have surfaced. Until now!

Entertainment Tonight got hold of some new wedding photos of Megan and Brian and showed them off on TV in today’s episode. Of course, we were on the job and were able to capture the whole segment.

note from source: The one thing I noticed is that the ET hosts never revealed where the photos would be seen. They said, “They are photos you’ll be seeing everywhere else tomorrow, but only we have them tonight!” but never specified which magazine would publish them. I’ll be double-checking on this and I’ll let everyone know what I find.

SOURCE + youtube
idgaf, haters. she looks stunning, and they look incredibly happy.

EDIT: New video source! it'll probably be taken down again but for now!
mods: my apologies if this went through twice, i tried to stop it before it posted way too soon.
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