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live-action Disney princesses, anyone?


It's just a rumor for now, but word on the blogosphere is that Amanda Seyfried may play Cinderella in a live-action adaptation of the Disney film. It makes sense, considering the box office bonanza that was Alice in Wonderland, not to mention Enchanted, which was basically about a Disney Princess who comes to life. And since you know that a live-action Cinderella will make a mint, the rest of the princesses can't be too far behind, which is why we're looking at the young actresses of Hollywood to see who could play the rest of the royal family. Here are our choices.

Their Royal Fiercenesses invite you into the post.Collapse )
some of the comments back at the castle source are great, but I'm sure ONTD can do better.
edit: the list is pretty fail-tastic but hilarious. also, thank you to everyone posting live-action Disney Villain casting.
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