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live-action Disney princesses, anyone?


It's just a rumor for now, but word on the blogosphere is that Amanda Seyfried may play Cinderella in a live-action adaptation of the Disney film. It makes sense, considering the box office bonanza that was Alice in Wonderland, not to mention Enchanted, which was basically about a Disney Princess who comes to life. And since you know that a live-action Cinderella will make a mint, the rest of the princesses can't be too far behind, which is why we're looking at the young actresses of Hollywood to see who could play the rest of the royal family. Here are our choices.

Alison Brie as Snow White

The Community and Mad Men star has the doe-eyed innocent thing down pat when she plays college student Annie Edison, but she also has a sense of royalty and entitlement as ad man's wife Trudy Campbell. Put the two together, and you've got a princess who helps old ladies and sings to birds.

Julia Jones as Pocahontas

Part Choctaw and part Chickasaw, Jones just played Native American werewolf Leah Clearwater in the latest Twilight film, Eclipse, so we're betting that she's heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon, and possibly even asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned.

Miley Cyrus as Belle
WTF?! NO!!!
We know, we know -- the girl is overexposed, and she's probably not looking to become a Disney poster child again, but Beauty and the Beast may be just what the singer needs, if the role comes with etiquette lessons and a diction coach. (Besides, Vanessa Hudgens is already playing the beauty in a modern retelling of the tale, Beastly.)

Shay Mitchell as Princess Jasmine

The new show Pretty Little Liars came out of nowhere and impressed us this summer, and Mitchell is particularly good as the exotic-looking and bi-curious Emily, which has earned her a spot on our list in the remake of Aladdin. (We're not saying Jasmine swings both ways, but she did seem pretty close with her tiger. Mrow!)

Molly Quinn as Ariel

We haven't heard her sing, but the redheaded teen is certainly enthusiastic as Rick Castle's daughter Alexis on Castle, and that exuberance could translate well to the lead role in The Little Mermaid. But will she wear the clamshell bra?

Jenna Ushkowitz as Mulan

The South Korean-born Ushkowitz plays soft-spoken goth high schooler Tina on Glee, but we occasionally see her fighting spirit, especially when she has to dress up like a vampire to frighten the Principal. Combine that with her obvious singing prowess and you've got a great choice for the musical Chinese warrior of the film.

Dana Davis as Tiana

Sure, the animated version of The Princess and the Frog only came out last year, but you know they'll get to the remake eventually. And if they do it really soon, they can hire Heroes and 10 Things I Hate About You star Dana Davis to play the Princess! Of course, most of the time, she'll be a CGI frog. Hmm. Maybe they don't need to go live-action with this one.

Taylor Momsen as Sleeping Beauty

Angelina Jolie may already be playing the evil witch Malificent in a planned Tim Burton adaptation of the tale, but they still n
eed a blonde actress to lie very still for 45 minutes or so. We bet Gossip Girl star Momsen could handle that!

some of the comments back at the castle source are great, but I'm sure ONTD can do better.
edit: the list is pretty fail-tastic but hilarious. also, thank you to everyone posting live-action Disney Villain casting.
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