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Michael Jackson Game May Involve Simultaneous Singing and Dancing

The Michael Jackson reveal at the end of Ubisoft's E3 press conference was mostly an announcement of a hard-to-get license. We still don't have a firm grasp on how the deceased King of Pop will be made into a game. We're starting to get a better idea, though, thanks to a VG247 interview with Ubisoft international brand manager Felicia Williams.

"Players can expect that they're going to get a performance game," Williams said. "A full performance game - which is basically the next plateau of music gaming. You're gonna be able to sing. You're gonna be able to dance. You're going to really be able to step into the shoes of Michael Jackson." She also points out, "sometimes, you might be doing both [singing and dancing] at the same time."

Williams goes on to mention it will include iconic Jackson tracks and environments, and says it will be coming to the Xbox 360's Kinect, PlayStation with Move, and Wii, along with DS and PSP titles. Williams says the existence of the Wii, and the impending launches of Kinect and Move, made this the right time to make a Michael Jackson game. And like most music games, it will feature downloadable packs after launch.

Plenty of games have featured singing or dancing, but featuring both at the same time should be a new challenge for rhythm gamers. Even professional musicians sometimes use prerecorded vocals during concerts due to the rigors of their dance numbers. Lets just hope the Kinect won't be too hard on us for not properly performing a moonwalk.

Square Enix Considering Bringing Final Fantasy V and VI to 3DS

Remember how earlier this year we ran a story saying that Final Fantasy V and VI might never see the light of day on the Nintendo DS because of technical issues? Well, all hope might not be lost for handheld remakes of these two awesome classics -- Siliconera spoke with Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto at E3 about the possibility of bringing these titles to the Nintendo 3DS instead, and he didn't rule it out.

"No decision has been made," he answered. But added that "Rather than creating [Final Fantasy] V or VI for the current DS we want to take a look to see how 3DS does, how it evolves, and then make a decision."

All signs point to the 3DS being yet another major success for Nintendo, and the hardware is certainly capable of doing both games justice -- let's hope Square Enix seriously considers making this a reality!

Capcom Japan Selling Plush Version of Chibiterasu

Capcom knows exactly how to tug at our heartstrings (and our wallets). This plush version of Chibiterasu recently popped up on Capcom's Japanese store, and it is adorable (via Siliconera).
The new plush toy is based on the character from Okamiden, the sequel to the original Okami. Chibiterasu bears a strong resemblance to the original game's protagonist, save for the fact that it's a tiny puppy.

The toy is currently retailing for for 5,040 yen ($57.00).

Heavy Rain Not Finished "As Intended" Due to Move Support

Creator David Cage feels for the fans who will never get to experience the abandoned DLC for Heavy Rain.

It was a real bittersweet moment when developer Quantic Dream revealed that Heavy Rain would be updated to support the PlayStation Move motion controller. Sure, fans would get to experience creator David Cage's murder mystery in an entirely new, immersive way, but it also meant that the previously announced "Chronicles" DLC for the game would likely never see the light of day.
Don't worry, though; David Cage is just as upset as you are. "We proposed three episodes about one hour long and being focused on the background of the main characters," Cage explained to NowGamer (via VG247). "I thought fans would really enjoy these episodes because they explained many aspects of HR and why characters are who they are."

He continued, "Unfortunately, Sony preferred to ask us to focus on Move to support the device rather than on creating new content. On our side, we did not want to spend more time on HR, which would have meant delaying new projects. This is a decision I can understand, and I am certainly happy we had the opportunity to play with this device and to support it, although I am certainly disappointed for fans we could not finish the story of HR the way we intended."

You kind of have to wonder just how much work was already completed on the downloadable episodes -- now doomed to spend the rest of eternity wasting away on a hard drive somewhere in France. But hey -- you guys are way into motion controls, right?!

Final Fantasy XIV PC Release Date Confirmed, PS3 Version Delayed

The PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV has been delayed until 2011, but the PC version will be out this September. It's getting a limited edition too.
Among the featured extras are a Behind-The-Scenes DVD, a map of Eorzea, a travel journal featuring concept art from the game and a branded tumbler. The limited edition is also launching earlier than the standard version, so buyers will receive early access.

The collector's edition will be retailing for $74.99, while the standard version will be going for $49.99. The monthly subscription fee will be $12.99.

Look for them on September 22 and September 30 respectively. The PS3 version will be out March 2011.

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