naomi campbell is still losing her hair

Naomi Campbell's extensions are making her go bald.

The supermodel left onlookers stunned as she revealed a huge bald patch beneath her long luscious wig while on a fashion shoot for designer Dennis Basso in New York today.

The 40-year-old has revealed signs of a vanishing hairline before, but the true extent of the problem was put show after a gust of wind caught her off-guard.

It appears that years of wearing tight hair extensions have taken as toll on the model's natural hair, causing severe breakage.

Hair loss associated with hair braiding, weaving, and extensions is known as 'traction alopecia'.

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Alexandra Burke are all reported to have suffered similar symptoms as a result of their extensions.

While prolonged traction can cause permanent loss of hair in the affected areas, it is reversible if caught early.


Are extensions, wigs, weaves, etc worth this?