giada deux laurentiis fell out of shirt; almost burned boobs

In a new interview, Giada de Laurentiis revealed why she always wears those sexy outfits on her EMMY winning tv shows

"This was awhile ago, I think during the second season of 'Everyday Italian,' and we were trying to figure out the wardrobe for the show," De Laurentiis tells Zap2it. "I remember for a long time they wanted me to wear button-down shirts and things like that, but it's hard when you're cooking because it's just not that comfortable when you move around. I prefer some kind of T-shirt, comfortable and cotton, with no buttons."

But comfort wasn't the only issue on one particularly mortifying day.

"I was wearing this pretty tight button-down shirt and I bent down -- in those days the oven was down low, below the stove -- to grab my roast out of the oven and all the buttons on my shirt just popped open," she says.

"Everything opened up. I was so incredibly humiliated that I went running to the bathroom. It was early enough that I knew my crew, but not that well. "I wasn't worried about what would wind up on film, because I knew that would never make it on TV, but I was just humiliated in front of my crew and cameraman. That was the last time I put a button-down shirt on for filming any of my cooking shows."


congratulations on Giada's show beating out the competition and winning TWO daytime emmy awards!!