Mad Men creator not happy with how people watch his show

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During Bing's Creative Panel at SoHo House, Matt Weiner, creator of Mad Men, ruefully brought up the fact that people were consuming his show on their phones:
I didn't design my work to be seen on a phone... that's three years of my life, and you watch it sort of disappear in ten seconds while you're sweating [on the treadmill].

Matt Weiner also ruffled a few feathers when he blasted multi-screen viewing with a rant about fans tweeting during his show:

The idea that you would want to write your own version of things while it's going on, or talk about it while it's going on, and have your iChat on this side [of the screen] and your porn on this side [of the screen] and the Mad Men in the middle, it's just like, 'don't watch it!' I'm going to come to your house and take away your TV!
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He should be grateful people watch and like his show instead of bitching about how they watch it.