Nikki Blonsky and She-Hoff Jr are "Huge"

Nikki Blonsky, best known as the lead songstress in the movie “Hairspray,” stars in the new series “Huge,” and wants to send the message that just because someone isn’t skinny doesn’t mean that they aren’t people too.

“Most of America doesn't have the money to have a trainer 24/7 and a meal service to bring you meals, because if they did, we'd all be a size 2,” Blonsky said to “And that would just be too perfect.”

A far cry from her 1960s love-struck girl-next-door character in “Hairspray,” Blonsky plays blue-haired tomboy Wilhelmina “Will” Rader on the upcoming ABC Family series. Though “Huge” is about kids at a fat camp, she’s said that the show goes past the weight issue.

“Every single issue skinny people go through, plus-size people go through, too,” Blonsky said. “We're all human beings, and we have to remember that our looks are something that are only with us for a certain time. It’s our spirit that people will remember us for as time goes on and we grow older.”

Blonsky is keeping busy: She’ll be playing a single mom in “Waiting for Forever,” which co-stars Rachel Bilson, Blythe Danner and Richard Jenkins, which will be released this fall.


Hairspray's Nikki Blonsky and Hayley Hasselhoff have been cast in an ABC Family TV series called Huge. This show just might be great, and here's why:

First, the story is based on a book by Sasha Paley, whose characters have been described as "sharply drawn." Having good source material is always a plus; it beats some dudes in a boardroom coming up with a concept.

Second, the show is written by My So-Called Life creator Winnie Holzman and her daughter, Savannah Dooley. MSCL took teenage emotions seriously, and a mother-daughter writing team could add perspective, warmth, humor and realness to the story.

Third: A teen show with non-skinny people has to be interesting. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

The series will revolve around six teens and the staff at Wellness Canyon, a weight-loss camp. It centers on Will (Blonsky), a funny, opinionated overweight girl sent to the camp by her wealthy parents who own a chain of fitness centers, and Amber (Hasselhoff), a curvy teen who is the skinniest and hottest girl at the camp but who considers herself too heavy.
A weight-loss camp is a goldmine when it comes to drama, emotions, laughter and tears. As an added bonus, overweight teenagers have the chance to see themselves represented on TV.

Fourth: Camp! Stories set at camp — from Little Darlings to Salute Your Shorts to Camp Nowhere and Camp — have that special something. You can explore how kids function in a parent-free atmosphere, and throw together people who would never meet otherwise. Not to mention the antics involving the requisite lake.


Really I'm just annoyed that they think this awful jackass can have a show that would in any way replace SALUTE YOUR SHORTS.

Zeke the Plumber can smell her fear... and he's pissed.