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Eliza Dushku - And the point of wearing the dress is??

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Jude Law&Sadie Frost + children in Tanzania

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sighting in Sunrise, Florida

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Match Point - UK Premiere
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Jesus Walks With Jamie, Paris and Xtina

In anticipation of his solo debut album, Jamie Foxx surprised all the clubgoers at Brent Bolthouse's Saturday night party at Privilege by showing up with Kanye West and performing a 4 song mini concert.

"It was insane," reports our special ops team member Pussy Galore.

Around 2 AM, just when the clubs in LA shut down, Jamie's voice came on over the speakers and the crowd went nuts.

"Girls were flashing their tits at Jamie, Paris was dancing on a platform, it was so wild," reports Pussy, who tells us that practically all of young Hollywood was there.

In addition to our cousin, Christina Aguilera was there with her new husband, Jordan Aguilera, and a throng of female friends celebrating the Dirrty singer's birthday; she turned 25 this Sunday. Also celebrating his birthday Saturday was Mr. Bolthouse himself. Hence, all his celeb pals came out to celebrate. Felicidades papi!

"Xtina and all her girlfriends were wearing birthday hats, it was really cute," reports our snoop.

Also cute were the hot lil' item of Zach Braff & Mandy Moore, who were enjoying themselves to the sounds of Jamie & Kanye, who was sporting a Santa hat for his surprise performance, which included Gold Digger and Jesus Walks.

Also there: Rick Solomon & Cacee Cobb, though not together. And, Cuba Gooding, Jr., who we think is married. But, that didn't stop him from humping anything with a pair of tits within a two feet radius.

"It was hysterical. Cuba was a mess," relays our ops team member. "At one point this girl was straddling him on the dancefloor while standing up. It was gross. I was trying not to look too long." Good advice!

^^ Almost nip-slip?
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