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Bob Dylan rides a bike. Remains Forever Young while doing so (+Festival date)

69-year-old Bob Dylan continues his never-ending tour schedule and was photographed keeping in shape by doing a little bicycling on the streets of Bratislava in The Slovak Republic Tuesday. Bob’s Tour de Slovakia came on his day off before playing a show at Icheba Expo Arena on June 9.

The gruff and glum legend was sporting a Brooklyn Vinders Motorcycle Club, NY jacket, a ski hat, shades, some racing-striped sweat pants and… combat boots?

Looks like the New York Motorcycle club might be going the energy effiicient route.

The man just turned 69 this year and still manages to put the pedal to the fucking metal.

In Bratislava, that's just the way things go, if you're Bob Dylan you'll be spotted on the streets.

A true living legend with fabulous hair hidden under that beanie of his.


Dylan will also be headlining the Hop Farm Festival on Saturday, July 3rd at Paddock Wood, Kent (which I sadly found out was in England, so I hope you guys enjoy seeing him across the pond). Tickets are still available.

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