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Justin Bieber Parents Brutal Custody Battle

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Recent rumors have stated that Justin Bieber’s parents were once involved in a very heated custody battle for the young star. He was raised by Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber, who became involved in the battle over custody following their separation. His mother was only 17 when she got pregnant with the young boy, and his father was 19. Despite their young ages, the couple tried to live together and grow into a successful marriage.

Like many relationships between young individuals often do, they were not ready for the commitment and eventually split, leaving a bitter custody battle for their son in the wake.

The fight eventually went to court, where Pattie said that Jeremy had a history of “criminal activity.”
That turned out to be true, as Bieber’s father was arrested on several occasions and was thrown in jail for a range of charges including assault causing bodily harm and breach of probation.

According to the legal documents that recently surfaced online, Pattie was granted custody of young Justin in 1995. In 1996, Jeremy asked to spend more time with his son and asked that Justin be allowed to stay with him on overnight stays. This was a request that was fought hard by Bieber’s mother, who accused Jeremy of going on drinking binges and repeatedly using drugs.

Bieber turned out to be a bright, talented, normal individual. His parents were able to raise an upstanding young man despite their previous relationship problems, and Bieber now seems to have a healthy relationship with both his mother and his father.


Eh I'm really not surprised that his father is a criminal and to be honest he looks a bit like a douche. Thank god Bieber is around his mother most of the time. I mean just look at the his website :| lol step back becase he's a hardcore spade player!

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