Exclusive Fan Interview with Michael Fassbender

Image from Wonderland Magazine

Hello my ONTD peeps! I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Michael Fassbender a few weeks ago and I would like to post it here for you to enjoy!

For more images and live links, please read the article at Fassinating Fassbender

The Chameleon Actor with the Contagious Smile

In chronicling actor Michael Fassbender’s career, the editor of Fassinating Fassbender was honored to speak with him to ask some questions, share some laughs, reveal common interests, and present an all around happy and intriguing man.

It’s not everyday when a fan gets the opportunity to interview one of their favorite actors. In fact, it is rare for a mere fan to have access to interview a celebrity, and a busy one at that. Michael currently has seven films in pre&post production status for the 2010-11 calendar, and counting. Originally I sought out to have a few questions answered by Michael via email, but as I soon learned, he does not use the computer often. And when it was presented to me that he preferred to conduct the interview on the phone, it was more than I could ever ask for.

Interviewing him live would allow for a natural flow of conversation and ad-libbing based on the information shared. I spoke with Michael just as he finished up his rendition of Mr. Rochester in 'Jane Eyre', and just as he is preparing to portray Carl Jung in David Cronenberg's 'A Dangerous Method'. So as I dialed up Michael’s mobile number on a rainy Michigan morning in May, any anxieties I woke up with, slowly dissipated and I felt oddly comfortable as if this event were meant to occur at that particular time. On the fifth ring, at 1pm GMT, Michael picked up the phone like he would any other call. That’s just how cool he is.

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