This Just In: Heidi Montag LOVES ATTENTION.

Heidi Montag Makes a Sad Spectacle of Herself Post-Spencer Split

After splitting with husband Spencer Pratt, a "heartbroken" Heidi Montag had a girls' day out on Tuesday with new BFF and roommate Jen Bunney at a park in Malibu. Heidi looked dejected and somber as she sulked around the park with her dogs and Jen. She wore a pink tracksuit with hearts on the back pockets for the sad (in many ways) occasion.

Jen — who was Lauren Conrad’s former BFF from Laguna Beach and used to hang out with both Heidi and Lauren after they first moved in together in L.A.— has been consoling Heidi post Spencer break-up.

The new besties are finalizing their plans to move in together in Malibu in order to have some girl time this summer.

News of the Speidi break-up went public this weekend. Heidi, 23, claims Spencer was too controlling.

"Heidi has spent so much time with Spencer and now she wants to be able to spend more time with herself and friendships," Jenn told TMZ.

Heidi has been Tweeting up a storm about all her girl time with Jen, letting everyone know she is enjoying her girl time.

We all have seen that The Hills has been previewing a large Speidi feud, so could the couple — who love to put on a show for the media — be staging this split?

Jen Bunney is also SO stoked she's getting attention right now.