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11 Hilarious Lady Gaga Wannabes

For a one-of-a-kind performer, Lady Gaga sure has inspired a ton of covers. From “Poker Face” on iPhones to a tween’s viral version of “Paparazzi,”

A Gleeful Gaga

What’s better than Lady Gaga? How about seven Lady Gagas! The über-talented cast of Glee donned their best latex to take on “Bad Romance” in a Gaga-themed episode.

The 12-Year-Old Viral Sensation

Back off, Bieber, there’s a new tween heartthrob in town! Greyson Michael Chance, a sixth-grader from Oklahoma, went viral when he uploaded his soulful piano cover of “Paparazzi.”

The New Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boys

Clearly, these soldiers stationed in Afghanistan were angling for a USO visit from The Lady of Ga when they decided to pay hilarious tribute to her duet with Beyoncé, “Telephone.”

Really, Really Can’t Read His Poker Face

The Crown Prince of Creep, Christopher Walken, delivered a spooky dramatic reading of “Poker Face” on the BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross that will stay with you long after viewing.

This American Gaga

Highbrow meets lowbrow when the staff of NPR covers “Telephone.”

Paramore Decodes Gaga

Uploading home videos isn’t just for amateurs anymore. Witness Hayley Williams, lead vocalist of Paramore, rocking out on a stripped-down cover of “Bad Romance.”

From Prison to Carnegie Hall

The Aussie group Aston classes up the joint with a gorgeous cover of “Telephone” arranged in classical style. We suggest you play it for your music snob friends and try to convince them it’s a Juilliard grad’s thesis project, just for kicks.

Can’t Read My Kosher Face

We love this Yiddishtastic Lady Gaga cover by Yoel Brach Productions, but really, really have to question whether “Bad Romance” is an ideal wedding song….

There’s an App for That

iPhone apps aren’t only good for updating Twitter and playing Bejeweled. This clever techie has harnessed the power of cheapie apps to create her own backup band for this techtastic cover of “Poker Face.” Though it does prompt the question—who the heck can afford that many iPhones?

Born Under a “Bad” Sign

Brush up on your sign language with this awesome ASL cover of “Bad Romance.”

What a Drag!

With her outrageous style, it’s no surprise Lady Gaga is a hit with drag queens, and let’s face it, the outré “Telephone” video was practically begging for a raunchy, drag makeover, courtesy of Sherry Vine and Peppermint.


i especially like the soldiers one.
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