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Joey Fatone talks about single and wife's scary pregnancy

 A couple of weeks ago, I posted the sample of Joey's new single "Radio". Now it's available for download on iTunes. Here's a follow up. 

Former *NSYNC member and 'Dancing With the Stars' season 3 runner-up Joey Fatone is back, but this time he's going solo. His first single 'Radio' (available on iTunes) is "a tongue-in-cheek, fun summer song," Fatone tells PopEater. "Some people try to change themselves when they go solo, but I did not want to 180 from my pop-rock roots and become a rapper or anything. 'Radio' is just me being myself and having fun."

But getting to his solo single release has been a bumpy ride, as Fatone admits he "shut down" during his wife Kelly's recent pregnancy when doctors discovered blood clots in both of her lungs. Further tests revealed she had a rare genetic condition called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, which increases the chances of babies being born with chromosomal defects like Down syndrome. "When she was in the hospital, I just shut down. I didn't really say much to anybody. It was pretty scary. Every doctor that I talked to said, 'Your wife is really lucky to be alive.' It was that serious," Fatone recalls.

"I was like, 'I am not doing s**t.' I decided, I'm not working. I'm just going to stay home, be with my wife and wait until the baby is delivered. I wanted to make sure everything was okay," he recalls.

When Fatone's wife showed symptoms of distress, doctors induced labor, though she was two weeks shy of her due date. His wife gave birth to Kloey Alexandra Fatone in Orlando, Fla., on January 11.

Today, Fatone admits his family is doing great and that baby Kloey is happy and healthy. "Thank goodness everything worked out really well. The blood clots are gone. Her heart rate is doing good. The baby is fine," Fatone says.

So you're jumping back into the music business with your new solo project. How does it feel?
It's exciting. It's been in the making for a while. We wanted to get this song out there and have fun with it. Music has always been a passion of mine and hey, everybody else is doing an album, so why not get my own single out there?

Your first single is 'Radio.' Did you write the song?
Actually, no. I wrote a couple other tracks, but a friend of mine wrote the song a while back, and I recorded the vocals. We went back and revamped it. Basically, it's just a fun summer song.

Yeah. I heard the song and really enjoy it.
Thanks. This single really jumps out at you. I just want to have fun and be myself.

Is there a full album coming, too?
Yeah. It's still in the works. It's nice though, because nowadays it is such a singles market, so we can determine how far to go into making an album. It's great to release a single and then go, 'A lot of people responded to it and love it, so let's go ahead with the album.' Right now, I have seven or eight songs ready, but we're still recording and writing. Hopefully once the single kicks off, it will do well, and I'll be able to finish the album and go on tour.

How does it feel coming back – without four other guys (*NSYNC) with you?
This solo career gives me something to work on from the ground up. Obviously, with *NSYNC, that led me to other things like hosting, acting and being on shows like 'Dancing With The Stars.' But this is a whole new chapter in my life.

Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez have been solo for a while. Have you talked to them about your new project?
Yeah. We're all very supportive of each other. We're honest, if it sucks, we let each other know ... I talked to Justin at the Kentucky Derby and told him what I was doing. He was like, 'Good luck. This is awesome.' We critiqued each other in *NSYNC and still critique each other now with our solo work. It's good.

Are you planning to do more intimate shows this time around?
Yeah. I'd love to do smaller shows. I want that cool, intimate vibe.

So your wife gave birth to your second child in January. Is it easier this time around?
My oldest daughter is nine years old now, so I have to go back and start changing diapers again. It's interesting because two weeks after my first daughter was born, I was back on the road and was gone for three or four months with *NSYNC. I missed changing diapers, feeding her ... I literally left and then when I came back for a day or two, we were starting to feed her. Then I'd come back a few months later, and she was just about to walk. I didn't miss a lot, but you don't realize how much time you have to spend with a newborn.

Has anything major changed?
Not really. But my wife just says she has three kids now. [Laughs] It's been a blast. I can't wait for Kloey to get a little bit older, so I can take both girls to Disneyworld. Of course, I don't want them to grow up too fast.

How is Briahna doing as the older sister?
She loves it! She holds Kloey, feeds her and changes her -- but she won't change the poopy diapers. What's great about it is as she gets older, I'll have a built in babysitter, so my wife and I can get away.

Do you like having all girls or do you want a boy?
For us, we really haven't thought about having another kid. I never really cared if it was a boy or a girl. As long as the baby had ten fingers, ten toes and was healthy, I'm good.

So what other projects do you have coming up?
I'm actually in Rhode Island shooting a horror film, 'Inkubus.' It stars the original Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund. I play Detective Caretti. The plot starts with the officers and myself working the final shift of a closing police station when a demon named Inkubus walks in with the severed head of his girlfriend. It's crazy! There are a lot of twists and turns ... This role was so new for me because I'm usually the comedy guy. This movie has blood and gore, and Inkubus has quite an interesting way of killing people.

You're also returning to 'Dancing With The Stars' on May 18. How does it feel?
Great. Melissa Rycroft and I are both coming back to dance the tango together ... It's crazy because we only get about a week to rehearse ... I was in the running against a bunch of former 'DWTS' contestants, and this time two celebrities were picked to dance together, which is the first time the show has done that.

Fans and viewers voted for you. Did you think you'd get picked?
I got a call that they wanted to put me in the running, and if people voted for me, I'd come back and dance. I said, 'Yeah. I probably won't get picked.' And sure enough, my dumba** got picked. [Laughs]

Source. Click here to hear the song. 

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