Matt Smith to kiss a 17 year old male model | Karen Gillan candids

Matt Smith to kiss Douglas Booth.

New Timelord Matt, 27, stars as writer Christopher Isherwood in new BBC biopic Christopher And His Kind, based on Isherwood's 1976 memoir of the same name, and 17-year-old Burberry model Douglas will play his lover.

Isherwood is invited to live in decadent Berlin in the 1930s by his friend, the poet WH Auden, played by Pip Carter, where he meets a street cleaner played by Douglas and they become lovers.

Douglas appeared in Worried About The Boy on BBC Two on Sunday evening as Culture Club singer Boy George, and won high praise from the singer himself.

The 90 minute drama also stars Lindsay Duncan, who recently portrayed Baroness Thatcher for BBC Two, as Isherwood's mother, with whom the writer has a "suffocating relationship".

Duncan and Toby Jones, who is also among the cast, have both appeared in Doctor Who.

The film is being shot in Ireland.

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