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Couple Bases Their Engagement Photoshoot on the movie "UP"

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Have you seen Disney Pixar’s movie UP? Every time I see this movie I cry no matter what. It is quite touching. So, when Wildlfowers Photography shared with us this adorable engagement shoot we were so excited to share it with you!

The idea of this photo shoot came from Lynnette and James. Their favorite movie is UP so they wanted an engagement shoot based around the movie. Below is a sweet and touching letter that James wrote to Lynnette and so kindly shared with Wildlfowers Photography and we are going to share it with you… break out your hankies…

“Lynnette… I have a confession, I am in love with you. It is not the ‘usual’ love, but the love that makes me remember the little things, the ‘boring’ things. It is the boring things in life that I will remember the most. The memories of jumping over sidewalk cracks to how the clouds talk to us. You make me remember the moments. It is that love that makes me believe. Belief that I was there when you were a toothless kid. Dancing through life, only stopping to hold my hand. Letting me know that anything is possible. I am in love with you, ‘my greatest adventure’. – James”

The photos behind the cutCollapse )


ETA: Even more photos from the photographer, Wildflowers Photography.

This is really fucking cute.
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