Source: Russell Brand, Katy Perry Disagree Over Sending Wedding Invite To Her Ex Travis McCoy

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand are squabbling over her wish to invite ex-boyfriend Travis McCoy to their upcoming wedding, a source tells Crushable.

Katy previously dated Travis, the goofy frontman for Gym Class Heroes, and they broke up in late 2008 after more than a year of couplehood. The singer-rapper “was a huge part of her life and an important person and even though it didn’t work out, she still wants him there,” the source says. “Russell is absolutely livid Katy would put such a demand on her and started throwing his ex-girlfriends in Katy’s face to see how she liked it.”

Russell can’t understand why she won’t listen as he has been a supportive partner in the wedding-planning process, the source says, adding that he considers Travis a threat and worries Katy may have lingering feelings for her ex.

The acerbic British comic actor proposed to Katy in India earlier this year, months after meeting her at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“They are so in love but when exes are brought into the picture, it’s a recipe for disaster as it may be in this case,” the source says. “Getting Russell to settle down in the first place was such a huge accomplishment — something no one thought would ever happen and something his friends still won’t believe until they actually see him walk down the aisle.”

Reps for the pair did not immediately respond when asked for comment.